Cerbero 2E-Meccanico

EN | HEAD Cerberus has its head screwed on.
• Cap tied to the tank and Super lowered 
• Burglar-proof multipoint hook
• Gasket compression elasticmagnetic system
• Integrated ventilation
• Automatic locking cap at the end of the refueling
• Tubular security lock "easy touch"
• Warning of any burglary and opening attempts
• Multiple opening sensors, for the highest protection
• It can be integrated with all existing telematic systems
• Wi-Fi connection
• Keyless
• Remote-controlled opening and closing of the cap
• It can be used as a payment method for your fuel

BODY Because size matters.
• Steel thickness: up to 2.7 mm, for maximum strength
• Engineering plastic components, features similar to metal
• Small size, to be installed in any circumstances
• Tilted entrance suitable for superlowered floors
• Fast hooking installation system
• Steel mechanic barrier; access space lower than Ø 3,8 mm
• Anti-turbulence inner design
• Flow rate: up to 130 l/min
• Unhooking system with electronic key

LEGS Firm legs even in bad situations.
• Mechanical block of the access to the tank, controlled by fuel level
• Guided fuel flow system “butterfly wings”

Tappo montato su serbatoio con rifornimento in atto.
Tappo montato su serbatoio con rifornimento in atto.