Would you ever use aperforated wallet?

Would you ever run your truck with a hole in the tank?

Fuel theft is no different from having a hole in the tank. You can’t see it, but you can feel it as the km you cover don’t match the litres you have wasted.

Consumption like back in the 90s

Does your new Euro 6 truck waste fuel like your first road tractor did in the 90s?

That’s not nostalgia.

Evolution of species

Everything has changed in the last 25 years: aerodynamics, electronic fuel injection systems, intelligent manual transmission systems, driving styles... Yet the cost of diesel fuel remains the same: very expensive!

Cerbero C018M anti-theft alarm on your aluminium tank.


A 700-litre tank currently costs about €900.

You should keep it safe in your bank, rather than in a thin aluminium container displayed in plain sight on the road.

If you could make your tank as secure as a bank to keep your fuel

safe, then you would probably be more comfortable while you work. 

AVOIDING any chance of fuel theft: this is what Active Fuel does for a living.



Cerbero is the most innovative anti-fuel theft solution currently on the market.

Designed to prevent fuel theft in every aspect.

Uncompromisingly made with the best technologies and the most  

innovative materials.

C018M is the first step towards the ultimate solution.