Made to fix the problem of fuel theft on trucks, Cerbero C018M was designed to facilitate refuelling while ensuring an unparalleled level of protection.

Cerbero C018M is the mechanic anti-theft alarm for anyone who wants to protect their tank from both internal and external tampering attempts

HEAD | Cerbero has a good head on its shoulders

• Super low-profile cap tied to the tank

• Multi-point anti-burglary latch

• Elasto-magnetic gasket compression system

• Integrated ventilation

• Self-closing cap after refuelling

• "Easy touch” tubular safety lock


BODY | When size matters

• Made of 2.7mm C40 steel to ensure maximum resistance

• Metal-like technopolymer plastic components

• Small size for easy installation in every situation

• Tilted opening for easy usage in case of extremely low loading beds

• Installation with quick coupling system

• Mechanical steel barrier with access gaps below 3.8mm Ø

• Anti-turbulence interior

• 130 l/min maximum virtual flow rate

• Decoupling system with designated key


LEGS | Steady legs, even in the hardest situations

• Tank access with mechanical lock adjusted to fuel level

• “Butterfly wings” fuel flow management system